by Victor Matekole

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Today I Learned!

Posted on:12 December 2023 at 10:40

Last week I watched Simon Willison’s talk on embeddings. I have watched a few videos on embeddings and this was the most notable. Willison takes you through the core ideas of embeddings and then demonstrates how to apply them in applications, in a “hackers guide” approach — I will go into further details in a separate TIL. Through this talk I got to discover the concept of TILs (Today I Learned), shamedly I was at least 11+ years late in coming across this acronym. Reddit’s r/todaylearned earliest revision history dates back to at least that time. Needless to say this was a mini revelation for me as TILs solved a lot of current problems:

Thank you Simon Willison’s, your talk was a massive inspiration! Moreover, your archive of writings dating back to 2002 is simply impressive and encouraging.